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The Carol Burnett Show DVD - The COMPLETE Series Collection


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The Carol Burnett Show is one of America's most lasting and timeless Television masterpieces. The proud winner of 25 Emmy Awards, this series also starred Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Tim Conway and Vicky Lawrence, among others.

This complete series DVD collection set contains all the funniest sketches in the syndicated re-run Carol Burnett & Friends, on 12 DVDs packed to the brim with laughter, fun and smiles!

Carol herself has also been nominated and won countless personal acting awards for her work on the Carol Burnett Show!

Relive the laughter and joy of the Carol Burnett Show with this special, Limited Edition Collector's Box Set. Spend your family time with Carol, Harvey, Tim and Vickey and share the laughs from your youth with your family!


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